Alissa Arnason

A haunting softness that is both melancholic and lighthearted coaxed into an ethereal folk fairy tale. An ambience partnering with the aural experience in each song. This becomes the deeply romantic and the bittersweet. Laced into intricate stories of travel, heartbreak, and murder.


06-08-2014 // the chills of love are upon us

Standing amidst a cadre of candlelit skeletons, Alissa Arnason begins plucking at a guitar. Nimble and unnerving, within the minimal, and haunting, delivery of her vocals is an ominous distant rumble of cello. “The devil’s afraid, god ran away,” sings Arnason, as lithe flickers dance around her. Shivers and chills. Throughout the course of its seven songs, Stone & Feather is a warm listen that hums with soft melodies and transfixing vocal lines. On lead track “The River” Arnason conjures a near-hypnotic rhythm between the instrumentation – guests Amanda Bestvater, Melissa Gan and Thomas Seibel similarly contribute as part of the string section found throughout the album.

- Chris Morin

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Track List
The River - 5:09
Finnegan Edgar - 2:51
Murder Ballad - 4:37
Crooked Creek - 3:44
Static - 5:05
The Devil's Lemonade - 3:27
Blue - 2:15

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