We are all given hand-me-down time machines. They solace in the creaks of floorboards, wedding the cracks that paint the walls. These are the haunts of the infinite prairie skies. Old homes hugged by acres of fields that ghost the watercolours of a woodfire and calm frosted air

strange fingerprints

29-04-2014 // EP at your door

Rachel Fowlie-Neufeld sees herself foremost as a poet. Rachel has found herself splitting the divide between the poet she was and the musician she’s become. As such, Fern’s new EP Strange Fingerprints, set to drop at her release show on April 26, is reminiscent both of prairie-grown poetry and melodic tenacity. Fern began as a solo act, with Fowlie-Neufeld playing open mics and jamming with friends. She grew as a folk singer-songwriter under the influence and support of the friends whom she played with, and eventually felt the urgency to begin recording her music. Rachel self-produced a bedroom EP to share online as Fern in 2012. “I recorded them all like on a one track, one take kind of thing,” says Rachel. “If the first take wasn’t good, I’d just do it all again.” In January of 2013, she approached her friend and collaborator Josh Robinson of The Sound & Silence Collective to record a four song EP and to shoot a music video for one of those songs. The EP was then recorded over the summer of 2013 with assistance from SaskMusic’s Investment Program.
- Andrew Cooper

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Track List
Spring - 02:10
Old Habits - 02:44
Myth - 02:54
Prairie Skies - 04:03

Strange Fingerprints is on sale here

EP review The Rooster

21-04-2014 //

A year in the making, Rachel Fowlie-Neufeld, a.k.a. Fern, is ready to release her first EP Strange Fingerprints to the world. And central to this sound is Fern’s knack for storytelling: Memories inspired a lot of the songs It is particularly the rich, varied instrumentation that one will notice on this album. The songs are laden with volleys of vocals and melodies that make every chapter of this 4-track EP enjoyable. The tone is nostalgic and sombre throughout, but peaks with the most infectious piano hook in the final song, ‘Prairie Skies’. All in all, Strange Fingerprints is what it would be like if a banjo, piano, violin, guitar and an artist were at a table, reminiscing about the good old days to each other. I strongly advise you eavesdrop in on their conversation and lose yourself in their stories.

-Thilina Bandara

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