Jeans Boots

Hiding out in various basements across Saskatchewan working on the most ominous of endeavors - a debut record. The last few years have included guest vocals on various hip-hop records, performances at SXSW, Saskatoon's #1 art party LUGO and an extremely late night madcap dance party at the 2014 Ness Creek Festival. Dream pop meets hip-hop or maybe even punk rock offering to manifest soon. Soon. Someday soon. 

z0rg c1ty

04-26-2013 // pajamalamadama pop

Cutting through the grunge is the sickly sweet voice of Jeans herself: Jeanette Stewart. These four songs quickly captivate thanks to her confident vocal tone and the partnership of moveable guitar hooks. Despite the EP’s robotic title, its core contains a rich well of human emotions: desire, love, and loss.
- Laura Stanley

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Track List
Rocktober - 02:21
Asshole - 03:07
No Poet - 03:25
Berlin - 05:30

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