Living Room

Formed from a long period of experimentation making drones and ambient music. Distancing from structures of absolute beginnings and endings, the songs began to coalesce into something more complete, a unified piece with connecting movements. A meditation on the pillars that ground us, and a reconciliation of the forces that change us. It is an exploration of self, with songs intended to evoke the sounds and emotions of an Ayahuasca experience. Repetition and continuity meant to reflect a constant and disorienting headspace, and lyrics about value, loss, and the importance of self-control.


02-05-2015 // ~

One-man prairie dreamscape machine Alex Stooshinoff conjures hushed hymns and honeyed drone-worlds as Living Room. On “Severed”, stereophonic nü age vocal strata are paired with lush aquiline projections. Elsewhere, arboreal visions intersect with polychromatic mutations. Throughout the audio-visual experience of Stasis, the abstract and concrete are woven together to form a resplendent multisensory tapestry.
- Josh Rohs

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Track List
Archangel - 02:51
Moths - 03:26
Severed - 02:34
Stasis - 05:26
Pillars - 06:01
Balance - 04:41

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