Pandas In Japan

A whirlwind ball of sound that makes you shake a bone, moves your hippies and kicks down your door with triumphant gusto. A collaboration of former members from Static Muse, Mordichia and Go Solar! The trio explores the boundaries of the infinite abyss. The three Pandas - Jonathan Grizzly - Maxwell Panda - Dylan Koala - changed each other musically and intellectually. As a trio they released two EPs - self titled Pandas In Japan and Suburban Desert: Inner city Oasis since 2012.  After a short hiatus they reunite in late 2014 more experienced to hit harder and release their debut album Weird Art. Tune in, turn on, drop out.

weird art

05-21-2015 // Album drops May 23rd!

On the other hand, it’s kind of weird in the best way possible. Imagine the mid-’80s post hardcore snub-fest of later-era SST bands like firehose, Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth mingling amidst pinkie drinks and pranks with the beach-core dude-slack of Wavves or something similarly breezy and accidentally hummable. Weird Art is an adventure into jagged grating punk-psych blasts and friendship-redemption harmonies.
- Chris Morin

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Track List
Weird Art
Find What You Love & Let It Kill You
BLK 59
High Rizer
Inner City Oasis
All Three of Us
Dream Throbs
On The Way To Yesterday
Goodbye Ghost
Witch Hunt
Suburban Desert

Weird Art is on sale here