Pirate Fridays

creating psychedelic sea shanties on a river in the prairies

Pirate Fridays present:

Semi-Golden Smile

01-05-2013 // Douglar Approved

This album be a beauty. No, put down yer grog and what ye think is old salt ya scallywag. Take this sound booty and AVAST YE! Put it in yer head or your dungbie if ye think there lies a better buccaneer to feed ya.

Track List
Semi-Golden Smile - 3:25
So Phat - 2:26
Douglar - 3:48
Lose Your Shoes - 4:02
Dragon Slayer - 3:38
How To Haiku - 3:56
She Can't - 3:00
'Til The Morning Come - 2:19
Ascend - 4:14
Chain Smoking - 3:23
Omnitango - 5:14

Semi-Golden Smile is on sale here