The Faps

It's Nick Cave, Modest Mouse, and Daughters. Their brand of fast, heavy music is rooted in post-punk and indie rock. Flirting with hardcore, blues, jazz, psych, and pop The Faps craft on quick danceable rhythms. With catchy guitar lines, their songs showcase an affinity for experimenting with structure – timings, key changes, or total mood shifts. This becomes beauty versus hideousness, harmony versus dissonance, steadfast and loose. Having toured Canada extensively since their inception in July 2012 brining their raw, high energy sound to crowds. Both Cafferata and Colwell truly value connecting on a personal level with fans and have no trouble making everyone in the room feel warm, welcome, and excited.

hot slaw

02-05-2015 // ~

The album is a piece of tailored confectionery. Four tender, tense tracks that highlight the mobility and freedom of two part instrumentation. The shifts of sound contained in the four songs stem from classic rock crannies, but coagulate in post-modern ways thanks to the inventiveness of the band — they obviously have a lot to get off their chest after four Canadian road trips. The sound of the recordings is not lo-fi, but neither is it hi; there is some subtle reverb on the vocals, and some distance built into the levels of the instruments within the soundscape; otherwise, this is a fairly standard, bold sounding set of sounds. The guitar swarms all over the tracks, while the drums take the mid-ground and run gleefully with it.
- Jack Derricourt

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Track List
Saigon 75 - 5:20
BLK MTL - 2:16
Like Mike - 3:40
Sea Siqk - 3:19

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