Still in the exploratory stages of this transition. This is really the result of a hangover of older ideas -- waking up naked with next morning’s wake-me-up caesar and cheesy eggs served in some stranger’s futon -- When one finds oneself in this position, what choice does one have other than to lace up your underwear, make a typo-ridden post about missing blundstones, and roll in to your minimum-wage parking garage job two and a half hours late? These are the kinds of questions we’ve been busy with.

Wizards presents:


01-31-2015 // Full Length Album

There’s a dreamlike quality to SDRAZIW, the third release (and first full-length) from Saskatoon, SK’s Wizards. And just like a dream, if you’ll excuse the Cure reference, their music has the potential to tilt suddenly: it travels, often instrumentally, through gauzy, sunlit shoegaze landscapes, only to shake you awake with shots of dizzying overdriven vertigo. [The album] builds a whole magic tome of contrasts... bouts of untethered volume, wicked rock moments and washed out introspection. The band operates its wiz biz somewhere across the nexus of pop, garage, psych-rock and surf. There are definite echoes of Scottish noise-pop heavies The Jesus and Mary Chain to be heard here (notably on songs like “Undone” and “Manikewan Ocean Dreams,”) but Wizards’ LP is not confined to such a simple comparison.
- Chris Matei

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Track List
Journeybone - 4:09
Holy Smore - 3:46
Purple House - 2:12
Life is Elsewhere - 2:43
Undone - 4:04
Party Pooper - 3:17
Manikewan Ocean Dreams - 5:24
Marble Giants - 2:49
Love - 3:10
Heaven's Full - 4:30

SDRAZIW is on sale here