Wolfen Rabbits

The sound of her violin and his guitar. They keep things simple, using only their voices and their instruments. Classical - folk - pop combine in their sad and curious songs.

Wolfen Rabbits presents:

Wolfen Rabbits

01-30-2015 // one of those 5 song jigs

Lithe and spritely, Wolfen Rabbits is the combined musical efforts of Melissa Gan and Ryan Holaday, a duo who seem bent on breaking the heart of everyone who dares listen to their lovelorn folk balladry. And on their debut EP, the pair might do just that. Opening with an instrumental number, the CD opens up with the combined might of dueling vocals and keen musicianship. Just don’t call it sad or depressing – think of how the most bittersweet longing tastes like and you’re halfway to the exquisite emotion of Wolfen Rabbits.
- Chris Morin

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Track List
Night Prowl - 4:19
Dry Eyes - 3:32
One Last Thing To Say - 4:58
Blood Strangers - 3:59
Pretend - 3:43

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